Mobile app-based solution to simplify the manual process involved visitor management in residential buildings.


The Challenge

The complex manual problem of visitor management to design an app to help in improving the experience of the residents. Also, take care of the other features of the app, like news, updates, campaigns, events etc.

How might we solve the complex manual process of visitor management through mobile application?


My role

The product design process from discovery to the final design.



2 week



An application-based solution to simplify the manual process involved in visitor management. The application will be helpful for residents and guards to maintain the visitor entry and exit.






The first step was to make a research plan including objectives. I have done desktop research and user interviews before defining the problem. In order to design ideal and best solution, I did some research which consisted of user interviews and understanding the main requirements of users.



Insight #1
Complex process

The visitor management involves various steps and sometimes there are two places where visitor needs to fill their information and host has to give confirmation through phone calls. Tracking all the entries for host and even for the guards is difficult.

Insight #2
Time-consuming task

It takes time to allow a visitor and visitor has to enter their information each time they are visiting the building.

Insight #3
Impact of online and offline steps

The visitor management is complex process and sometimes it involves both an online or offline process. It creates confusion and takes time to manage visitors entry due to the involvement of online and offline entries.


Building Empathy

Persona was helpful to map out the user requirements and understand pain points of the users.


From Findings to concepts


User Flows


I have combined the user tasks and scenarios based on the research findings.The application can have the possible features to mitigate this complex manual process.


The application will have four main features visitors tracking, add or confirm visit, Notifications and society updates.

  • Visitors tracking – tracking of entry/exit of daily visitors, service providers and parcel delivery.
  • Add or confirm a visit – add/confirm guest visit or book for maintenance.
  • Notifications – Host notifications to update about guest/daily visitors/delivery person check-in and check out.
  • Messages – notice about bill payment/dues/society updates etc. 

I have made two use case secenrios to evaluate how the designed application will work.This will be helpful in case the application needs to have additional features.


Sketches to prototype 


With all my research and conclusions in mind, I started building the application. Starting with some rough sketches on paper to hi-fi wireframes.


Information architecture


Color, Typography and Icons


I wanted to kept the design of app very minimal as it will be used by multiple age groups. So, the ease of use should be the priority. 


Insights to Features


Schedule a visit


In three cases where the user will use this feature. First when he wants to add a visitor(daily visitor or relative/friend). Second, book a visit for maintenance(carpenter, plumber, etc.) and third if the user wants to confirm a pre-scheduled visit.




User get notified for scheduled notifications. This feature will also help user to allow or deny the unscheduled visits through application. 


Track scheduled visits


This will help user to track monthly scheduled visits. This will also allow user to cancel or update the visits.



In the case of the limited time, it better to approach the design with a task-based design. I could connect the problems and connected them to the different tasks which users take in an offline or online process. This really helped me to come up with possible features for mobile application.

Also, keeping in mind the mobile application shouldn’t make user overwhelmed as task-based design can have a lot of different features. Some of them might not be so helpful. Though the time was limited I have sketched out main screens to come up with minimal features to make the complex process simple.


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